Ultimate Total Pokemon Island is the first season of the Ultimate Total Pokémon Series.


This season involves fourty-eight teenage Pokemon who signed up for a reality show on an island called "Camp Hikia", or Ultimate Total Pokémon Island. The fourty-eight teenagers were split into two teams: the Dreadful Dialgas and the Powerful Palkias . The campers are given challenges every episode in which they had to compete in. At the end of the day, the losing team would vote off of one its members and that losing camper would report to the dock and take a ride on The Chair of Loserdom, which was a metal chair with fireworks packaged underneath it and later the Slingshot of Sorrow. When a certain number of campers have been eliminated, the teams would dissolve. The same elimination process would continue, except some campers would get invincibility. This process continued until two contestants remained and the two would compete to see who would win 10 trillion Poke and a lifetime supply of Pokeblock.


Elimination OrderEdit

See also: UTP Elimination Tables

Competitor Team Status Placing Merge
Yanma Powerful Palkias 1st Voted Out
in The Plane Old Jump
50th Place Not Merged
Dusclops Dreadful Dialgas

Returns in Comebacks and Kitchenware
2nd Voted Out in All Work and No Relay

Purugly Dreadful Dialgas 3rd Voted Out
in Dodgeball, Rufflet's Victory
49th Place
Carvanha Dreadful Dialgas 4th Voted Out
in There's Snow Way
48th Place
Munna Powerful Palkias 5th Voted Out
in Extreme Overload
47th Place
Sunflora Dreadful Dialgas 6th Eliminated
in Trouble in Talent Show
46th Place
Lopunny Powerful Palkias 7th Voted Out
in Fear Factor
45th Place
Klang Powerful Palkias 8th Voted Out
in Brunch of Disgustingness
44th Place
Ferroseed Dreadful Dialgas 9th Voted Out
in Sing a Song of Pokemon
43rd Place
Manectric Powerful Palkias

Returns in Comebacks and Kitchenware
10th Voted Out in Search 'N Sit

Pidgeotto Powerful Palkias 11th Voted Out
in Terrorist Town Trouble
42nd Place
Sigilyph Dreadful Dialgas 12th Voted Out
in Ain't That The Truth!
41st Place
Cinccino Dreadful Dialgas 13th Voted Out
in Eezy Peezy Demon Freezy
40th Place
Swellow Dreadful Dialgas 14th Voted Out
in Stayin' Alive
39th Place
Zoroark Powerful Palkias 15th Voted Out
in Hence Sleeplessness
38th Place
Lucario Powerful Palkias 16th Voted Out
in You Got Game?
37th Place
Braviary Powerful Palkias 17th Eliminated
in Yours, Minin', Ours
36th Place
Ampharos Powerful Palkias 18th Voted Out
in Crappy Memories
35th Place
Swanna Powerful Palkias 19th Voted Out
in No Passion For Fashion
34th Place
Krabby Dreadful Dialgas 20th Voted Out
in Wreckin' the Boat
33rd Place
Ponyta Dreadful Dialgas 21st Voted Out
in Comebacks and Kitchenware
32nd Place
Kirlia Dreadful Dialgas 22nd Voted Out
in Tide and Seek
31st Place
Crawdaunt Dreadful Dialgas 23rd Voted Out
in I Treasure These Moments
30th Place
Carracosta Dreadful Dialgas 24th Voted Out
in I Guess Battle Do!
29th Place
Houndoom Powerful Palkias 25th Voted Out
in Distorted Discoveries
28th Place
Floatzel Dreadful Dialgas 26th/27th Eliminated
in Cuff Luck
27th/26th Place
Mienshao Dreadful Dialgas
Absol Dreadful Dialgas 28th Voted Out
in Flags Blazed
25th Place
Manectric Powerful Palkias 29th/30th Eliminated
in An A-Maze-ing Challenge
24th/23th Place
Mightyena Powerful Palkias
Drilbur Dreadful Dialgas 31st Voted Out
in Remember to be War-y
22nd Place
Xatu Powerful Palkias 32nd Voted Out
in It's Adventure Time!
21st Place Merged
Ninetales Powerful Palkias 33rd Eliminated
in Need For Speed
20th Place
Farfetch'd Dreadful Dialgas 34th Voted Out
in The Key to Havin' a Blast!
19th Place
Zebstrika Dreadful Dialgas 35th Eliminated
in Riddle Me This
18th Place
Lairon Powerful Palkias 36th Voted Out
in Tried and Trusted
17th Place
Heliolisk Dreadful Dialgas 37th Voted Out
in Eat It!
16th Place
Arcanine Powerful Palkias 38th Voted out
in Painful Slumber
15th Place
Typhlosion Powerful Palkias 39th Eliminated
in Aim & Fire
14th Place
Flygon Dreadful Dialgas 40th Voted Out
in I Have to Askew Something
13th Place
Haxorus Powerful Palkias 41st/42nd Eliminated
in A Pirate's Life
12th/11th Place
Honchkrow Powerful Palkias
Pangoro Powerful Palkias

43rd/44th Eliminated

in Hall of Pain


th  Place

Luxray Powerful Palkias
Dusclops Powerful Palkias 45th Voted Out
in Ultio Du-Luxu
8th Place
Piloswine Dreadful Dialgas 46th Eliminated
in Forest Dumped
7th Place
Gulpin Dreadful Dialgas 47th Eliminated
in Blast from the Past
6th Place
Wooper Powerful Palkias 48th Eliminated
in Quintuple Dog Dare
5th Place
Vanillite Dreadful Dialgas 49th Quit
in Psych, Sand, and Surf
4th Place
Tyranitar Powerful Palkias 50th Voted Out
in Beast is the Word
3rd Place
Espeon Dreadful Dialgas Runner-Up
in Tower Trip
Altaria Dreadful Dialgas Winner
in Tower Trip