Total Pokémon Island is the first season of the Total Pokémon series.


This season involves fifty-two adolescents/teenagers ages thirteen to eighteen who signed up for a reality show on an island called "Total Pokémon Island". The original fourty-eight contestants were split into two teams: the Crazy Cobalions and the Killer Keldeos. The campers were given challenges in every episode in which they had to compete in. The losing team would vote off one its members off and that losing camper had to walk to the dock and board the Lapras of Losers, which would take them away. When enough campers have been eliminated, the teams would dissolve. The same elimination process would continue, except some of the campers would get invincibility, and instead of just one team, everyone would vote off someone. This process continued until two contestants remained and the final challenge would determine who would win the 5,000,000,000PokémonDollar.


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Elimination Order

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Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Nero Crazy Cobalions Returns Everybody Hates Cliff
Static Killer Keldeos 52nd Chow Down Showdown
Rapid Killer Keldeos 51st Climbing the Mountain of Legends
Vile Crazy Cobalions Returns Fear Facing Fiasco
Clay Killer Keldeos 50th DODGEBRAWLED!
Vile Crazy Cobalions Returns Statues Suck!
Liksur Crazy Cobalions 49th The Awakened
Annie Killer Keldeos 48th It's Torture Time
Clash Crazy Cobalions 47th Pokémon's Got Talent
Cramad Crazy Cobalions 46th Don't Ask Questions, Just Answer!
Reta Crazy Cobalions 45th White Wetting
Lassie Killer Keldeos 44th Survival of the Fittest
Titan Crazy Cobalions 43rd Scavenger Hunt 2: Talkin' 'Bout Evolution
Phill Crazy Cobalions 42nd An Egghausting Challenge
Vina Crazy Cobalions 41st Battle Brawls
Leon Crazy Cobalions 40th Hide and Shriek
Sally Killer Keldeos 39th Mew's Revenge
Krack Killer Keldeos 38th ROTFLOL OFF
Summer Killer Keldeos 37th Fossil Fools
Volante Crazy Cobalions 36th Dating Disasters
Dhaunt Crazy Cobalions 35th Cooking Catastrophe
Piff Crazy Cobalions 34th Fashion Victims
Smash Crazy Cobalions 33rd Rowboat Rascals
Dew Killer Keldeos 32nd KaBoom Goes the Campers
Kojo Crazy Cobalions 31st Battle Brawls 2
Ray Killer Keldeos 30th Obstacle Crushed
Shade Killer Keldeos 29th Trust Me Not
Jet Killer Keldeos 28th X-Treme Sport-ture
Egridos Crazy Cobalions 27th Military Madness
Frosty Crazy Cobalions 26th Truth or Dare, but Mostly Dare
Sparky Killer Keldeos 25th Key To Losing
Demenio Killer Keldeos 24th
Fez Killer Keldeos 23rd Jail Break Out
Hope Crazy Cobalions 22nd
Chandler Crazy Cobalions 21st Gotta Hunt 'Em All
Ded Crazy Cobalions 20th
Jesse Crazy Cobalions 19th
Shine Killer Keldeos 18th Secrets Revealed
Luna Killer Keldeos 17th Sibling Submission
Laxish Crazy Cobalions 16th Griseous Grab
Sola Killer Keldeos 15th PKMN Pain Olympics
Lila Crazy Cobalions 14th Nurse Case Scenario
Vixen Killer Keldeos 13th Game Freaks
Sonan Crazy Cobalions 12th Murder MonTage
Kai Killer Keldeos 11th Mine Theft
Nero Crazy Cobalions 10th That's Just Cold
Aldon Crazy Cobalions 9th Go Go GoKarts!
M.P.S. Killer Keldeos 8th PMX Racin'
Spiro Killer Keldeos 7th
Spike Killer Keldeos 6th Cuffed Up
Striker Killer Keldeos 5th Loser Land
Flynn Killer Keldeos 4th Final Four Frenzy
Vile Crazy Cobalions 3rd Daring Disasters
Cano Killer Keldeos 2nd Final Showdown: Cano vs. Skore
Skore Crazy Cobalions 1st