Total Pokémon: Zero is the eighth season, as well as the prequel, of the Total Pokémon series.


Mew and Victini's trial season before they started their true series, this season acts as a precursor of things that occur later in the series and shows what the two did before gaining their immense popularity, as well as who the first competitors to ever compete in a show like this. Under the name, "Mew and Victini's Island Challenge", twenty competitors were chosen to partake in the duo's show. They were placed into two teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. As per usual, the contestants are put through numerous challenges. The losing team would vote off one its members off and a Lapras would appear and take them back home. When enough campers have been eliminated, the teams would dissolve. The same elimination process would continue, though instead of just one team, only a few contestant(s) would get immunity. The last player standing wins 100,000PokémonDollar.


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Elimination OrderEdit

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Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Kay Red Team 20th Here I Sand
Xavier Red Team 19th Gem-my Hendrix
Marley Blue Team 18th I Guess...
Lucky Blue Team 17th Trivia Trouble
Lynn Blue Team 16th Kara-Poké
Chip Red Team 15th Water You Doing?
Christine Blue Team 14th Hot Stuff
R.J. Blue Team 13th The Grass is Meaner
Honey Blue Team 12th Overcooked!
Tim Red Team 11th Scavenger Hunt
Tonya Red Team 10th Rhyme Scale
Kane Red Team 9th Braking Bad