Total Pokémon: Revenge of the Island  is the fourth season of the Total Pokémon series. 


After three and a half years of abandonment, Mew and Victini return to Total Pokemon Island, which has now become a toxic cesspool full of trash and mutated Pokemon. Now, in this all-new season, twenty-six new competitors are divided into two teams and must compete in many insane, disgusting, and humiliating challenges. One by one, they will be eliminated in the same manner as the previous seasons until one remains. The last one standing wins the 2,000,000PokémonDollar.


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Elimination OrderEdit

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Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Aspen Brave Bisharps 26th Go With the Flow
Cyro Brave Bisharps 25th Gross Negligence
Lowell Honorable Honchkrows Returns Diving Into the Past
Jennifer Honorable Honchkrows 24th Eine Dine
Holly Honorable Honchkrows 23rd This is Bull!
Amethyst Brave Bisharps 22nd Of Course It's Bad
Otto Brave Bisharps 21st Duel Revelations
Wave Brave Bisharps 20th Raise Your Flags
Sadao Honorable Honchkrows 19th The Cave and the Bold
Ross Honorable Honchkrows 18th It's a Shore Thing!
Raiden Honorable Honchkrows 17th Haunted House Hullabaloo
Sven Brave Bisharps 16th Going Up!
Rilee Honorable Honchkrows 15th
Emilia Honorable Honchkrows 14th Sand, Stone, Search
Carson Honorable Honchkrows 13th A Heated Hunt!
Ashton Brave Bisharps 12th Any Given Sundae
Giovanni Honorable Honchkrows 11th Pain Balled
Lilly Honorable Honchkrows 10th Skill Set
Lowell Honorable Honchkrows 9th
Archie Brave Bisharps 8th In My Element!
Kyle Honorable Honchkrows 7th Target Acquired
Mai Honorable Honchkrows 6th Swallow Your Pride!
Nate Brave Bisharps 5th Bugging Out!
Vladimir Brave Bisharps 4th Having a Coarse Strategy!
Aylesha Brave Bisharps 3rd Any Part in a Storm
Scarlett Brave Bisharps 2nd Final Recap
Sky Honorable Honchkrows 1st