Total Pokémon: Parafrosyni Island  is the second half of the fifth season of the Total Pokémon series.


Ten years after the events of Total Pokémon: All-StarsMew and Victini find another island to hold another competition. Once again in this all-new season, twenty-six new competitors are divided into two teams; the Radical Reshirams and the Zany Zekroms, and must compete in strange challenges. One by one, they will be eliminated in the same manner as the previous seasons until one remains. The last one standing wins the 2,000,000PokémonDollar.


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Elimination OrderEdit

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Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Ophelia Radical Reshirams 26th Wait, This is My Team?
Pia Radical Reshirams 25th Cordon Blown
Violetta Radical Reshirams 24th Well, That's Shocking
Jocelyn Zany Zekroms 23rd Pit Stopped
Rika Radical Reshirams 22nd Monkey See, Money Woo!
Luther Radical Reshirams 21st Concedo Bulli
Donnel Zany Zekroms 20th Rocked Out
Chlotz Radical Reshirams 19th This Ain't Gooed
Macey Zany Zekroms 18th Jeepers Creepers
Tiffanie Radical Reshirams 17th What the Fu-
Karen Radical Reshirams 16th Tagging Along
Rex Radical Reshirams 15th Cop Out
Roscoe Radical Reshirams 14th To Give Chase
Jadia Radical Reshirams 13th And...Action!
Ace Radical Reshirams 12th Rise to the Challenge
Chase Radical Reshirams 11th Tic-Tac-Oh No!
Kaia Zany Zekroms 10th Shot Through the Heart!
Autumn Zany Zekroms 9th Burn Baby Burn!
Taylor Zany Zekroms 8th
Jarred Radical Reshirams 7th Don't You Dare!
Sandra Zany Zekroms 6th Wrath of Destruction
Brian Zany Zekroms 5th Treasure Treason
Sherlock Zany Zekroms 4th Speed is Key
Alpha Radical Reshirams 3rd
Rocky Zany Zekroms 2nd It's the End, Of Course!
Esmeralda Radical Reshirams 1st