Razor, labeled The Irate One, was one of fourteen newcomers on Total Pokemon World Tour. He was a member of the Zealous Xerneas, before he was switched to the Errant Yveltals in Pokéathlon! I Choose You! He returned as a contestant for Total Pokémon: All-Stars as a member of the Villainous Victinis.

Personality Edit

Razor only has two friends, Swift and Combat for his own reasons. Razor will fight any dragon type he thinks is trying to make him look bad. He doesnt care if your a badass or not, he'll treat you or fight you the same way. In fights, Razor is very smart to only let his enemy attack first and only attack whenever he notices a flaw in his enemies attacks. He is the Alpha male of a group of 20 different dragon types making him very hard to defeat no matter what Dragon type is facing him. He is stubborn and ignorant and only cares for himself and those he respects but he leaves the losers like dead weight

Razor does have a soft heart though for newbies or small Pokemon who want to get tougher. Razor doesn't show it but he does have a personal liking to Rocky who reminds Razor of himself when he was small. Razor can be a nice guy only if treated right, sadly, that is hardly the case. If Razor is defeated by another Pokemon, he doesn't show anger but he shows respect towards the winner. 

Life Before CompetingEdit

Total Pokemon World TourEdit

Razor was pretty happy to be on a competitive game show. Though immediately he knew that he would hate some people. The show has allowed Razor to get his redemption back from his clan, a mega evolution and also get over a relationship he had on a previous show. Sadly, he can't wait for the show to end, it slowly bugs him like the previous one.

But recently, Ray has caused Razor to become soft on the other competitors. He also feels that it was partially his fault that Vina and Volante's break up. Razor hopes to win this game and give Ray a beat down

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