The Loser Lugias is one of two opposing teams in Total Pokémon: Underdogs. The team consisted of Ace, Amethyst, Ashton, Carson, Chlotz, Connor, Egridos, Farra, Frosty, Holly, Kojo, Macey, Morgan, Reta, Sally, Shine, Skore, Sola, Sparky, Striker, Taylor, and Vixen.

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Original MembersEdit

Loser Lugias teammates
Ace | Amethyst | Ashton | Carson | Chlotz | Connor | Egridos | Farra | Frosty | Holly | Kojo | Macey | Morgan | Reta | Sally | Shine | Skore | Sola | Sparky | Striker | Taylor | Vixen


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Skore Male 43rd 22nd Jail Broken He didn't break free of his shackles; he had already won a season.
Macey Female 42nd 21st Baby, You're Electric She went crazy with her "Gay Ray" during the challenge.
Reta Female 41st 20th Tic-Tac-WHOA!!! She was too bossy and brash during the challenge.
Striker Male 38th 19th Smoothie Criminal Targeted by Pia's alliance.
Chlotz Male 37th 18th Groan Appétit Sally told the others on their team about the alliance.

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