The Charging Charizards were one of four opposing teams on Total Pokémon Action. In Playas Gonna Play Sports, as a result of Smash's elimination and treachery by Nero, the Rampaging Rampardos were dissolved and this team was formed. It consisted of Flame, Solis, Sabrina, Fez, Carman, Hope, Vile, Nero, Aldon, Marie, Farra, Egridos, Marionette, Anthony, Morgan, Dew, Cramad, Dhaunt, Freezeo, and Leon.

In 'Ol Time Rock 'N Roll, one of the teams was broken up and the remaining members split into this team and the Lusty Lucarios.

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In Comedy War, Leon's Victory, two members from the Lusty Lucarios where added to there team because of their winning spree.

In 'Ol Time Rock 'N Roll, the Superior Slakings were dissolved and split into this team and the other remaining team.

Charging Charizards teammates
Aldon | Anthony | Carman | Cramad | Dew | Dhaunt | Ebony | Egridos | Farra | Fez | Flame | Freezeo | Hope | Ivory | Kevin | Leon | Marie | Marionette | Mason | Morgan | Nero | Ray | Sabrina | Solis | Summer | Vile | Vina | Volante

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